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Building/Project NameYitpi Yartapuultiku
Building/Project Typecommercial Address Port Adelaide, Australia Region asia pacific

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An Aboriginal Cultural Place underpinned by a set of cultural principles to guide the design, build, and operation of the project to ensure high levels of cultural representation are met, providing activities and learning opportunities for both First Nations and non-First Nations people. 

Yitpi Yartapuultiku – meaning ‘Soul of Port Adelaide’ in the native Kaurna language – is a development of an Aboriginal Cultural Centre within the Port Adelaide area, and has been part of the local community’s vision and Council’s strategic planning for at least 20 years. 

The project is set to become a beacon of cultural unity and collaboration in Port Adelaide, recognising the importance of giving voice and empowerment to Aboriginal people through shared design and decision-making. The project aims to provide a unique and culturally safe place for people from all backgrounds to share, learn, and experience the rich local heritage.

The Project Team adopted a Place Leadership framework to embed authentic and meaningful Aboriginal-led knowledge sharing, problem solving and governance throughout the planning and design process, from conception to operation. Principles to guide engagement were developed with local custodians, including ‘learning to unlearn’, ‘being comfortable with uncomfortable conversations’ and ‘constantly communicating’. These thought-provoking principles exemplify contemporary planning at its finest and are important considerations on a journey toward reconciliation.

More than simply a community center, this project includes indoor and outdoor activity and performance spaces, inclusive public amenities, meeting rooms, landscaped open spaces, tree planting, artworks, a ‘living foreshore’ with intertidal and aquatic habitats and attainment of a GreenStar rating. 

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OrganisationGBC Australia