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Africa Green Building Summit & Future Cities Conference

July 16 @ 8:00 am July 19 @ 5:00 pm

This second edition of the Future Cities Summit is poised to significantly advance the conversation on sustainable urban development in Nigeria, and the wider Africa. The Summit theme, “Building Resilient Futures: Integrating Carbon Neutrality, Circular Economy & Inclusive Urban Development,” is inspired by the World GBC’s Global Policy Principles for a Sustainable Built Environment, and its Building the Transition campaign. Both these initiatives draw on and extend the vision set forth in the earlier Africa Manifesto for Sustainable Cities and the Built Environment, embodying the Manifesto’s call for “…a net zero carbon, healthy, equitable, resilient, environmentally-sustainable and economically-inclusive built environment for every African, everywhere.”

This year’s Summit, co-located with World GBC Africa Regional Network’s Africa Green Building Summit, will explore the truth that Africa’s rapid urban transformation represents both challenge and opportunity. The challenge of overcoming barriers from resource limitations, governance limitations and socioeconomic constraints. Balanced by the opportunity to define a uniquely African urban paradigm, leveraging on the immense potential of Africa’s youthful and entrepreneurial population, and its dynamic and rapidly growing cities. Over four days, the Summit will dive deep into what these challenges and opportunities mean for the continent, aiming to craft relevant policy responses, innovative strategies, and collaborative approaches to address the evolving needs of Africa’s rapidly changing urban landscapes.

The Summit will feature keynote addresses from distinguished speakers, sharing visions of Africa’s urban futures and setting the stage for a series of expert-led plenary sessions. These plenary sessions will examine various facets of sustainable urban development, with an emphasis on carbon neutrality, resource circularity, and inclusive urban development. The Summit will also feature interactive breakout sessions, designed to stimulate in-depth dialogue on localizing the policy formulations encapsulated in the World GBC’s Africa Manifesto and its Global Policy Principles. As a gathering point for green building stakeholders and experts, both locally and internationally, the Summit will also feature exhibitions, product expos and awards, showcasing the latest innovations in green building practices, sustainable products, and services.

The Future Cities Summit – Africa Green Building Summit 2024 is more than a conference. It’s the crucible where Africa’s urban future is forged and refined. It’s where the collective wisdom of the past meets the innovative spirit of the present to conceptualise a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future for the continent. Let’s take this opportunity to redefine what it means to live in a city and, in doing so, redefine what it means to live on this planet.

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