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The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is your go to resource for information on Green Star rated projects, leading sustainable building practices and educational resources, assisting you to learn more about developments within Australia’s built environment. Green Star projects incorporate a wide range of building types ranging from mid to large tier office buildings, multi-unit residential projects, full communities, shopping centres, universities and much more.

Our 700+ membership base encompasses a number of ASX 200 listed companies, many of whom have international affiliates, as well as a wide range of building owners, developers, contractors, professional services firms, investors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, facility and asset managers, universities and utility providers to name but a few.

The GBCA’s advocacy team has developed strong relationships with federal and state government, allowing us to have a voice in the development of policies and programmes which support our mission. Strategic partnerships include collaborations with national and international industry bodies and associations within the real estate, construction and development industry.

Together, we are working towards leading the sustainable transformation of the built environment and accelerating its transformation into one that is healthy, livable, productive, resilient and sustainable.