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Green Building Council Finland, FIGBC, aims for built environment to be a central part of solving the climate change. The effect of our actions comprises of inclusive cooperation and the views of our experts and international network.

We show the direction and help on the way.

We are part of the solution. The goal of Green Building Council Finland is a sustainable built environment. We gather best practices from different sides of the value chain and create common understanding of the best solutions.

We make things clear. The real estate and construction industry is a complex field. From us you will get a relevant image of what is happening in the field, how the changes affect your operations and with what kind of solutions we can best promote environmentally sustainable built environment.

Cooperation that benefits all. We are an active doer – Our operations are based on inclusive cooperation of which concrete action models for the whole field are born. By working together, you will receive both organizational and personal gain: practical solutions and valuable networks.