Management Consultancy, Software Development

195 Buildings

256,030 Total floor area (m2) 

1,488,915 tCO2e Current Annual Portfolio Carbon Emissions

15,458 Employees

Grab is Southeast Asia's leading superapp, operating across deliveries, mobility and digital financial services sectors in over 480 cities across eight countries. Founded in 2012, Grab's mission is to drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone. Grab recognises that climate change can have extensive intergenerational impact on the communities it serves and actively strives to mitigate its environmental footprint.



Commit to occupying only premises that are net zero operational carbon by 2030.



Measure and publicly disclose energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions portfolio within direct control. Monitor and disclose whole life embodied carbon emissions where applicable.



Develop and implement a decarbonisation roadmap, which was announced in 2022. This roadmap will prioritise actions to maximise emission reductions, including energy efficiency measures, securing 100% renewable energy supply and compensating for any residual emissions in premises within direct control, by 2030.



Obtain assurance from independent third-party verification of global energy and greenhouse gas emissions data according to GHG Protocol’s guidelines annually. 



Advocate for carbon reduction through Grab’s app and communication materials. Share information with building owners on the benefits of operating at net zero carbon, and explore ways to collaborate with them to enhance disclosure and implementation of energy efficiency measures towards net zero.

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