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Eng. Ala’a Abdulla, Executive Director of the Jordan Green Building Council, named climate champion by the World Green Building Council, and the youngest Director of the Green Building Councils worldwide. She has a background in Mechanical Engineering, starting off as a service engineer at Kia motors, and making her way up with impressive speed, touching upon many fields and industries within her professional career, with her work ranging from training, planning, staff development, service and human resources development, and capacity building.

Eng. Ala’a has gained solid expertise in integrating business and organisational processes all within the past 15 years, evolving from her volunteering work with different entities as a board member, core team member, judge and a mentor. She has proven her brilliance in communication and negotiation skills, an inspiration to many of the hundreds of individuals whom she has trained over the years as a certified trainer, producing strong leaders of this generation.

It is the success and achievement derived from her vision of improvement and growth of institutions that make Eng. Ala’a a unique player amongst young leaders of this modern world. It is her belief in each individual around her and the uplifting support she provides that translates her values, bringing about fantastic management and quality, resulting in the accomplishments that she has always sought.