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Aqrab is the first CEO and Founding Member of Pakistan Green Building Council. He is an architect by profession with a keen interest in environmentally adaptive developments, which requires him to support
1.) the government in their development of policies, which can incentivize the private sector to develop more climate-resilient built environments and
2.) help and guide the private sector to achieve water and energy efficiencies in their projects, which can also be better places to live, work & play

He is also a LEED – Accredited Professional from the United States Green Building Council, member of LEED international roundtable, one of the founding members of Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change Pakistan (CSCCC), head of the technical committee for “Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC-Punjab) Government of Pakistan and member of The Experts Working Group (EWG) for the development of the “Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Policy Guidelines for Green Building Code for Pakistan”

As CEO he is leading the council’s advocacy and promotion of Sustainable Urban Development and Green Building Design & Construction practices at the public and private sector level, engagement with sustainable governance activities and formulation of Pakistan’s first country-specific green building guidelines (i.e. SEED Green Building Rating System by PKGBC) among other responsibilities.

His few achievements are; building an advocacy role and working relationship with the government on federal and state levels. Organizing and hosting important industry events. Establishing a working partnership with professional organizations that have a more established position in the Pakistani market. He has initiated the “Pakistan Green Building Expo & Intl. Conference”, the only exhibition dedicated to green/sustainable building and construction material in the country. Working with the International Finance Corporation – (IFC) and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the development of Green Banking Guidelines and promotion of Green Financing.

Aqrab is well-known for his advocacy for the Sustainable Built Environment. He regularly participates in the public and private sector consultations on green development and is a recognized authority and speaker on green buildings.