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CEO and co-founder of WEB Limited, Chair of Africa Regional Network

Elizabeth Wangeci Chege is the CEO and co-founder of WEB Limited, a sustainable development consultancy. Elizabeth was nominated and appointed in 2017 as the World Green Building Council Africa Regional Network Vice Chairperson, (The first Kenyan and female to hold the continental position) and is now the Chairperson. She has won a number of national and global recognition awards including the prestigious World Green Building Council Chair’s Award 2020.

20 years ago, Elizabeth made it her core business to be part of the solution to climate change in sustainable development and lives by the motto “What we build today will form the Africa of tomorrow.’’

She is co-founder and immediate past chairperson of the Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS). Through this volunteer role at Kenya Green Building Society, Elizabeth has collaboratively led the transformation of the built environment in Kenya by embedding green building practices and policies into the construction and financial industry thus mitigating greenhouse gas emission, human health enhancement and boldly stimulating the green jobs agenda. Beyond ESG strategic and technical leadership, Elizabeth believes it is our noble responsibility, as a human community, to enhance the environment in our economic pursuits.

She has previously consulted for PWC and Canadian High Commission in Tanzania for green buildings, was the NDC Partnership technical consultant for Kenya towards the Climate Action Summit 2019, contributed to Conference of the Parties -COP 21 in Paris, France spoke and moderated at COP23 in Bonn, Germany as well as COP25 in Madrid, Spain. In 2018, she spoke at the East Africa Property Investment forum in Nairobi, the SPACE Conference in Nairobi, Africa Regional Network Summit in Mauritius, in 2019, Global Alliance for Building and Construction Green Buildings Roadmap in Nairobi, IEA Africa Green Buildings Roadmap in South Africa amongst various international, regional and local climate actions.

At WEB Limited, she has been involved in sustainable development consultancy as well as providing training on ESG for the public and commercial sectors across Africa.

Elizabeth continues to strive for Kenya and Africa as a whole on the international roundtable so that we are not left behind in mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate change in sustainable development. Elizabeth believes that Kenya and ultimately Africa can leap frog from no cities to smart carbon positive cities as we need to re-think cities for the African context.