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María Fernanda is the CEO of Chile Green Building Council (Chile GBC). She has been part of the organisation since 2013 and from the very beginning has been leading many of Chile GBC’s innovative projects. She has also been the representative of the Chilean chapter for many boards, committees and working tables of relevant local projects such as the development and implementation of regulations, certification systems, standards and strategic programs  and roadmaps. She is currently responsible for the MoU between Chile GBC and the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism and the agreement with the National Institute of Normalization. 

María Fernanda is a Bachelor in Architecture, LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP ID+C and LEED AP O+M, with more than 10 years of experience with green buildings and sustainable developments. She also owns the credential of CES Counselor (Chilean Certification System), EDGE Expert and Interim EDGE Auditor as well. She has two Degrees on Project Management and part of her professional training has been on project’s Planning and Coordination and also owns a Diploma on Organizational Sustainability. Has also academic training in Supply Chain Management, Eco-design and Life Cycle Assessment. 

She is dedicated full time to Chile GBC, aiming to turn the organisation into the local referent for sustainable construction, with the objective of linking buildings, infrastructure and urban development with social responsibility and community wellbeing best practices. She visualizes Chile GBC as a technical node and multisector articulator to increase the critical mass of sustainable projects.

Twice a year, she also serves as professor of the Master of Sustainable Construction of the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana, and she is part of the Chilean Life Cycle Assessment Network, USGBC Faculty and Pro-reviewer.