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Global Leader Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

Nominated by UKGBC

Matthew has over 20 years of experience in sustainability and is Ernst & Young’s Global Leader of Sustainability Services, a team of over 2,400 specialists in hyper-growth who are focused on climate change, sustainability & ESG, and Environment, Health and Safety.

Matthew has worked in the Asia Pacific and European regions and is now based in London. He specialises in climate policy and strategy, and corporate sustainability. Prior to joining EY in 2008 to build the sustainability practice, he headed the programme office for Climate and Energy for UK Government, and prior to that was a research scientist.

Matthew has worked across a number of sectors but has a strong background in supporting the REIT sector. He has worked with numerous companies and governments in relation to sustainability in the built environment and assisted the Australian Green Building Council in redefining its strategy to more acutely focus on advocacy and emerging sustainability topics.

Matthew’s experience in working with companies and governments in a number of geographies where the GBCs operate can offer a broad understanding of growing stakeholder needs and expectations with regards to ESG, and specifically the developing nature of investor, finance, and community sentiment.

As the global leader of EY’s sustainability services practice (which has been named the #1 ESG and Sustainability Strategy and Consulting team in the world) Matthew brings firsthand knowledge of where capital is being deployed to address sustainability challenges, what the emerging sustainability challenges are that the WorldGBC will need to address (such as Biodiversity), and is close to the development of the frameworks, pillars, and bodies being established.

Matthew’s deep understanding of the sustainable built environment sector, ESG and corporate governance can help WorldGBC identify areas to evolve.