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As a passionate, hardworking individual and lawyer by profession, Nasra is driven by the relentless pursuit of making a positive impact, providing practical solutions, and adding value to clients and the organisations I serve in as they seek to overcome their business and legal challenges, in an ever changing and fast paced world.

It is with this objective that Nasra aims to provide sustainable solutions to the ever-changing issues that plague her clients, the economy and society. She has a keen interest in analysing how the many facets in a business, and society come together in either making or breaking its progress.

She has a passion for ESG and believes that doing things sustainably serves us all.

Nasra enjoys the interplay between law, business and human rights, law, business and environmental issues. In this regard, she also enjoys policy work and working with key stakeholders to shape and direct industries, and it is for this reason, she took the role with the Kenya Green Building Society and has been active as a Public Policy and Advocacy committee member of the Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA), and is now a member of the Affordable Housing Taskforce in KPDA too. Nasra also participated in the key stakeholder exercise with the Nairobi Stock Exchange by contributing to comments to the ESG Disclosure Guidance Manual.