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Peter Engert was born on 17/08/1962 in Vienna, he is the father of two children and lives in Lower Austria. After studying business informatics at the University of Vienna and working for Palmers, Agrana and Dogro, he moved into the financial sector, where he spent more than twenty years working for the Creditanstalt and subsequently for Raiffeisen Leasing in Austria and abroad.

Between 1991-2000 he held various management and board positions at CA-LEASING, CAC-Leasing, Prague, CAC-Leasing, Bratislava and BACA-Leasing. From 2001 to 2011 his professional life has led him through the following positions: CEO at Raiffeisen Leasing, Chairman of the Board of Directors at A-Leasing, Treviso, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Austria Leasing, Zurich, Chairman of the Advisory Board at RL Nordic Leasing, Stockholm, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at RL Bank, Supervisory Board at Raiffeisen Leasing International, Supervisory Board at Austrian Mobile Power.

Since 2011, he has been an independent Manager and owner of CORSOR GmbH – a management consulting company focusing on the implementation of sustainability in everyday business.

Since 2017, Peter Engert has been Managing Director of ÖGNI GmbH.