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Roxana Bompa is WorldGBC’s Chief of Staff and is based in the UK.

She oversees and drives WorldGBC’s organisational strategy and operational effectiveness, working closely with the CEO. Roxana bridges the office of the CEO with the organisation’s departments and the Board of Directors, developing plans to ensure the organisation’s work is impactful and enabling the effective implementation of WorldGBC’s strategy and annual plans.

With a background in law, Roxana has spent most of her career working in operations and communications. After leading operations for McCann Enterprise for four years, Roxana wanted to put her skills to use in an organisation with lasting impact, which led her to working for the sustainable transformation of the built environment at WorldGBC.

After 14 years as a Londoner, Roxana moved to West Sussex in search of bucolic hikes. Not one to do things halfway, she has thrown herself fully into the country life, so in her free time, you’ll find her hiking, gardening or chasing one of her three small chickens.


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