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Tessa is our Marketing & Communications Manager at the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

In this role, Tessa manages our press and PR presence in order to bring WordGBC’s voice into media conversations around the world. She also leads on stakeholder management — collaborating with our Green Building Councils and partners — to leverage our messaging through all channels, and demonstrate the leadership of our network in sustainability.

Tessa is dedicated to using storytelling, education and advocacy to help make lasting change for the better. She has spent 13+ years working in comms, for private sector, local and national government departments in the UK. Through PR, campaigns and great messaging, Tessa is passionate about content which contributes to the world adopting the change which secures our future.

In her spare time, you’ll find Tess writing romance and cli-fi (sometimes both at once), at dance practice and spending time with her son.


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