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6 assets
1,141 m2 total floor area
79.21 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

As signatories to the WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Building’s Commitment, AESG has launched a Pathway To Net Zero to advance the uptake of a sustainable built environment. This pathway is applied free of cost to all design projects. Designed to determine and evaluate the options available for reducing both the embodied and operational Carbon footprint of buildings, it conveniently provides clients with an optional pathway to achieving net zero carbon buildings. AESG actively advance the net zero carbon agenda across project portfolio through consultancy services across regions.


Member of Emirates, Singapore and UK Green Building Councils

140 employees

Joined in 2019, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

By 2030, AESG commits to reduce operational carbon emissions and compensate any residuals for assets under current direct control by 2030. For new and renovated assets maximise reduction of embodied carbon emissions and compensate any residuals by 2030.

2. Disclose

Publish an annual sustainability report, made publicly available through AESG’s website. The report shall include full disclosure of the carbon footprint and progress towards net zero including whole life carbon emissions for new and renovated assets.

3. Act

AESG shall target a 5% annual reduction in scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions from a 2019 baseline, as well as exploring on-site/off-site renewable options for assets. Achieve maximum emissions reduction throughout the life cycle of new assets and compensate for any residual upfront emissions.

4. Verify

All owned assets are minimum LEED Gold certified (or equivalent). LEED Arc platform shall be utilised for all owned assets by 2021 to verify operational performance. For new and renovated assets under direct control verify prevention strategies, WLCA calculations and offsets progress towards net zero embodied carbon.

5. Advocate

Provide a pathway to net zero for all design projects via AESG’s online platform. Continue to conduct research into achieving net zero within the built environment and to offer net zero CPD’s to all clients and partners.

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