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400,000 m2 total floor area

Barings Real Estate Australia is a leading real estate fund manager and developer. Through its Industrial Fund 1 (AIF1), supported by Rest Super, Barings invests in and manages industrial real estate assets across Australia. They believe that refurbishing and developing industrial buildings to drive the net zero transition is critical to maximising value for their stakeholders.


Member of Australia Green Building Council

50 employees

Joined in 2024

1. Commit

AIF1 will commit all assets under direct control to reduce and (where necessary) compensate for all operational carbon emissions by 2030. Additionally, it will strive to achieve maximum reductions in embodied carbon in its new developments and major renovations to net zero and compensate for any remaining residual upfront embodied emissions by 2030.

2. Disclose

AIF1 will disclose energy consumption and operational emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol and will assess emissions via direct metering of all properties. Fugitive emissions related to refrigerants will be measured via their maintenance contracts. Embodied emissions will be measured with the help of consultants involved in the design and construction of assets. These disclosures will be made on an annual basis.

3. Act

AIF1 will continue to implement its stringent ESG design guidelines, including targets regarding the energy efficiency of assets. Additionally, on-site renewable energy generation will be standard for all new builds and retrofitted where possible for existing assets. AIF1 will procure residual operational energy will be via renewables for all controlled areas, and influence its tenants to increase efficiency and utilise renewables. As applicable, AIF1 will deliver efficient designs and utilise low embodied carbon materials in development.

4. Verify

AIF1 will obtain annual third-party verification of energy consumption and whole life carbon emissions data on its developments.

5. Advocate

As a leading property developer and investor, Barings Real Estate Australia is a member of key industry bodies including GRESB, Green Building Council of Australia, Property Council of Australia and Investor Group on Climate Change. It also reports to initiatives such as PRI. Through these partnerships, they use their collective influence to drive sustainable product development and assist with the design and creation of new industry sustainability benchmarks and standards. AIF1 also engages extensively with its tenants to partner with them on decarbonisation initiatives at their assets.