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B+H is a global, award-winning consulting & design solutions firm providing core architecture, planning, landscape, interior design, and Advance Strategy services. Collaborating across ten global studios, B+H believe in embracing change and challenging the status quo to deliver resilient, healthy, zero carbon environments that contribute positively to their communities.


Member of Canada Green Building Council

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1. Commit

Commit to occupying studios that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030.

2. Disclose

Annually disclose energy consumption and operational carbon emissions data on firm website. Rigorously evaluate and identify performance gaps and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions while improving energy efficiency.

3. Act

Develop and implement a carbon emissions reduction strategy that includes energy consumption reduction and efficiency measures where applicable within direct control, and future leasing opportunities for studio locations to be selected based on a rigorous adherence to high energy performance, renewable resource grids, and a focus on maximised decarbonisation.

4. Verify

Verify energy consumption and carbon emissions data via an independent third party.

5. Advocate

Advocate for all design work led by B+H globally to meet net zero carbon standards, engage and empower clients to deliver net zero carbon operational buildings and embodied carbon benchmarking as the firm has done on net zero carbon certified projects to date. Continue to actively pursue work with public sector entities which mandate these targets in their consultant procurement