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160 assets
2m m2 total floor area
19,098 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

British Land is a leading UK property company. Its portfolio is focused on London Campuses, which provide high quality, sustainable workspace in some of London’s most exciting neighbourhoods, and Retail & Fulfilment, where its assets are aligned to the growth of convenience and online shopping, and last mile delivery.


Member UK Green Building Council

613 employees

Joined in 2021, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to a net zero carbon portfolio by 2030. This includes a 50% reduction in the whole life carbon (new developments and major renovations) by 2030, and 75% reduction in operational carbon (managed assets) by 2030. Compensating for any residual emissions in developments from 2020.

2. Disclose

British Land will continue to publish its energy and climate performance data annually and will continue to seek third-party assurance of this data using the ISAE3000 standard.

3. Act

In targeting a 75% operational carbon reduction, British Land will undertake net zero audits and finance efficiency-focused retrofitting from our innovative internal carbon levy. British Land will continue to assess on-site renewables opportunities. New development and major renovations will be assessed to achieve reductions in embodied carbon as part of a whole lifecycle approach, with any remaining residual emissions offset to achieve net zero embodied carbon.

Read more about British Land’s net zero carbon pathway here.

4. Verify

British Land will continue to seek third-party verification of its portfolio’s energy and carbon performance (including its science-based targets). When the market has a consensus approach, we will seek asset-level Net Zero accreditations.

5. Advocate

British Land will continue to advocate for wider sector transformation and work with its value chain to reduce the embodied carbon of its property developments and to support the reduction of its customers’ carbon intensities.

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