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Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

A proposed new by-law is being developed to ensure all new buildings are net zero carbon by 2030, including mandatory requirements for building design, construction and building services
As part of participating in the C40 Reinventing Cities programme, five sites have been selected to be catalytic demonstrators for the design and implementation of carbon neutral developments
Establish energy performance benchmarking targets (including small-scale embedded renewables) or all building types, with specific targets and dates for the transition to net zero carbon by 2050, informed by modelling
Incentive and disincentive packages for carbon neutral developments are being developed under the C40 South Africa Buildings Programme
Proposed Residential 'Sustainability Declaration' by-law to inform new buyers about the sustainability features and operating costs of a residential property to drive retrofit improvements by sellers and/or buyers

Municipal Buildings

Developing municipal building specifications which will require that all new municipal buildings be net zero carbon in operation by 2030
Existing municipal buildings will require a detailed zero carbon retrofit plan, developed in consultation with key city stakeholders subject to capacity and financing options
The municipality undertakes regular assessments of municipal buildings' energy demand and carbon emissions, with annual monitoring and reporting through an integrated smart data platform; in 2016 municipal buildings were responsible for 87,853 tonnes CO2e
Actions to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions include retrofitting of 39 large municipal administrative buildings to date; installing rooftop PV at seven buildings with a total capacity of 523kWp, with planned installation of 844kWp at eight additional sites in 2018; measurement and verification on all projects; smart metering; and Energy Management training of facility managers

Further information

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