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775,033 inhabitants
Cold temperate climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Copenhagen’s ambitious CPH2025 Climate Plan will ensure that Copenhagen is supplied by 100% carbon neutral electricity and heat in 2025
Together with the city utility company, Copenhagen will invest in new wind turbines and develop biomass fuelled combined district heat and power networks
Targets set for the energy consumption in Copenhagen by 2025: 20% reduction in heat consumption; 20% reduction of electricity consumption in commercial and service companies; 10% reduction of electricity consumption in households
Copenhagen also have a vision of becoming fossil free by 2050, which will also include the construction phase of buildings
Schemes providing financial support include: energy savings in properties involved in urban-renewal projects, and energy savings in social housing

Municipal Buildings

In the CPH2025 Climate Plan there is a target to reduce the energy consumption within the municipal building stock (approx. 2 Million m2) by 40% over 2010 levels
The buildings owned by Copenhagen municipality will be net zero carbon buildings by 2025, due to Copenhagen being 100% supplied by carbon neutral electricity and heat
Comprehensive energy surveillance system, installed in almost all municipal buildings, allows monitoring of electricity, heat and water consumption on an hour-by-hour basis through a digital system; now being upscaled to private buildings
In 2021, a new Roadmap for 2021-2025 will be established including new initiatives to reach net zero carbon buildings
Specific plan for social housing and municipal buildings called ‘Sustainability in Construction and Civil Works’ allows setting of more ambitious building requirements than the national codes

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CPH2025 Climate Plan