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20 leased assets
20,000 m2 total floor area

Corgan uses data and dialogue to design places that perform with functional, technical, and aesthetic excellence. Corgan is an employee-owned firm driven by research that informs elevated user experiences and insights that anticipate a rapidly changing world. With a dedicated team of sustainability experts, Corgan Echo, they are pushing the boundaries of integrating sustainable design in all their projects.


Member of U.S. Green Building Council

934 employees

Joined in 2023

1. Commit

Commit to reducing operational carbon emissions from assets under their direct control and compensating for all operational carbon emissions through investments in credible carbon offsets by 2030. Corgan also commits to assessing and reducing embodied carbon in all future major renovation projects, where feasible, in their leased spaces. Corgan will compensate for any residual upfront embodied carbon from 2030 onwards.

2. Disclose

Corgan will measure and disclose annual energy consumption and operational carbon emissions, including whole-life carbon emissions when applicable, to be shared in their annual report.

3. Act

Corgan will develop a climate action plan for their operations with a target to become carbon neutral for all their operational carbon (Scopes 1 and 2) by the end of FY 2025. Corgan will reduce carbon emissions by implementing energy use reduction strategies across their offices and procurement of renewable energy where feasible. Furthermore, Corgan will lay out a strategy to reduce embodied carbon (Scope 3) emissions in alignment with SBTi.

4. Verify

Corgan will verify their carbon emissions by accounting annually through the SME self-assessment pathway, procuring a third-party entity for an independent audit every three years.

5. Advocate

Corgan will continue to engage with the design and construction industry to advance knowledge and tools to reduce carbon emissions from the built environment. Corgan is also a signatory to the AIA 2030 Challenge, for which it records and shares performance data for its projects. Corgan will continue to work with their clients and assist them in creating a path to minimising both operational and embodied carbon emissions in its projects.

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