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25 assets
7,949 m2 total floor area
275 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Currie & Brown is a world-leading provider of project management, cost management, and advisory services. Sustainability is one of their core values – environmental impacts are considered throughout their operations and work with clients. They aim to accelerate the decarbonisation of the built environment to produce a sustainable future for all.


Member of UK Green Building Council

>750 employees

Joined in 2021, Signatory of WLC Commitment


1. Commit

Commit to only occupying assets that are net zero carbon in operation and achieving net zero embodied carbon in major refurbishments and new assets by 2030.

2. Disclose

Measure and publicly disclose energy consumption and carbon emissions (scope 1 and 2) data via an annual net zero commitment report published on Currie & Brown’s website, which will include a section on office fit-out embodied carbon assessments.

3. Act

Develop and implement an organisational decarbonisation action plan with annual targets to reduce carbon emissions in alignment with the UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings framework. Actions within this emissions reduction strategy include implementing green leases with landlords, reducing operational energy use through energy efficiency measures, increasing renewable energy supply, reducing fit-out embodied carbon, and offsetting any remaining carbon.

4. Verify

Verify energy consumption and whole life carbon emissions data annually via an independent third party, targeting alignment to the UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings framework.

5. Advocate

Advocate for sector-wide transformation by continuing to contribute to research, industry publications and supporting the UKGBC. Commit to upskilling employees and advancing industry knowledge on whole life carbon, embodied carbon, scope 3 emissions and other emerging areas of work. Support and influence both public and private sector clients to pursue net zero carbon for their own assets and projects.