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34 assets
158,000 m2 total floor area
780,000 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Frasers Property Australia is a global sustainability leader believing in a better, cleaner future. From carbon-reducing initiatives, using sustainability-linked finance, increasing the resilience of  communities, responsibly sourcing services and materials, and transparently benchmarking their work through third-party certifications, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.


Member of Australia Green Building Council

654 employees

Joined in 2018, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to own, occupy and develop only assets that are net zero carbon by 2028, achieving maximum reductions of embodied carbon and compensating for any remaining residual operational and upfront embodied emissions.

2. Disclose

Measure and disclose scope 1 & 2 operational carbon emissions and energy consumption via annual carbon reporting. Conduct and disclose life-cycle assessments on all new developments and major renovations to measure whole life carbon emissions.

3. Act

Decrease company-wide carbon emissions in line with SBTi requirements for 1.5C. Frasers’ roadmap includes a significant reduction in operational and embodied carbon emissions, the procurement of renewables for all new and existing assets, and compensating any remaining residual emissions.

4. Verify

Verify energy consumption and whole life carbon emissions using a mixture of local legislative market mechanisms, Green Star and other certifications to demonstrate carbon reduction for corporate, commercial, retail, and residential properties.

5. Advocate

Act to make clean energy accessible for all by 2030. Deliver net zero carbon projects to lead the way, and share learnings with industry peers.

Commitment Partner Initiatives

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