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Quo Vadis Management & Capital aims to blend academic and global best practices to the built environment applied to private real estate assets to be the trailblazer and influence the industry to take action.


Member of Canada Green Building Council

17 employees

Joined in 2022, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to all buildings under direct control to operate at net zero carbon, maximise embodied carbon reductions for new developments and major renovations of existing assets added to portfolio, compensating for any remaining residual carbon emissions, by 2030.

2. Disclose

GI Quo Vadis has been disclosing, by law, its energy consumption and measuring embodied carbon emissions through zero carbon building certifications. GI Quo Vadis will produce a yearly ESG report for disclosure including whole life carbon emissions, that is available to investors, tenants and bankers.

3. Act

GI Quo Vadis has developed a decarbonisation transition plan for their certified buildings and committed to scaling the process to all buildings within their portfolio. New acquisitions will go through a transition plan to meet the Commitment requirements and decarbonise, with current assets phased to net zero operational carbon over time. GI Quo Vadis has been working on a new renewable energy system, taking measures to insulate their buildings and maximise energy efficiency, and make renovation choices for materials that are locally produced as much as possible and have a lower embodied carbon. They plan on using life cycle modelling targets for their procurement policies. They also plan on learning from others and over time continue their leadership in low carbon transitions.

4. Verify

Energy performance and carbon emissions within GI Quo Vadis’ portfolio is in process to be verified through green building certifications, while Complexe Dompark has been certified already. GI Quo Vadis will be adding more buildings certified under Net Zero Buildings Certification to their portfolio. Independent third party verification and assurance will be obtained for any emissions data for assets not yet certified and for whole life carbon data outside of the remit of current certifications.

5. Advocate

GI Quo Vadis is active in promoting the transition to net zero both directly and indirectly. They continuously develop their business operation to be more sustainable, engage with stakeholders up and down the supply chain to accelerate action, and participate and promote multiple local committees to support the building industry in Montreal in the transition phase. Their advocacy initiatives include blending community needs with viable business models and academic research in their Pathways management & acquisition policies and have an evolving impactful waste strategy that is incorporated into tenant leases and supplier contracts. As part of their environmental, social and governance objectives, GI Quo Vadis is the first certified B Corp in Quebec, and will continue to recertify at each cycle. GI Quo Vadis President, Natalie Voland, is a member of Concordia University Next Generations Cities Institute, sits on the Executive Panel of the Partnership for climate for the city of Montreal, Board of the Greater Montreal Climate Fund, and several action committees for the city in economic development and the bureau of transition, demonstrating leadership and advocacy by the actively speaking at forums, conferences, and university classes.