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1 asset
196 m2 total floor area
23 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Greengage is a sustainability consultancy that works in partnership with its clients to deliver truly sustainable solutions, through a holistic, innovative and no-nonsense approach. They strongly believe in leading by example through becoming a net zero emitter and committing to further reductions.


Member of UK Green Building Council

22 employees

Joined in 2020

1. Commit

Commit to all occupied assets operating at net zero carbon from 2020.

2. Disclose

Measure and disclose via an annual audit all scope 1 & 2 emissions and scope 3 emissions feasibly measured, publicising the results through annual report or website entry.

3. Act

Undertake an annual energy audit to develop a carbon reduction strategy, including annual targets and energy efficiency measures. Continue sourcing 100% renewable energy, prior to offsetting all remaining emissions.

4. Verify

Track and report annual emissions, whilst offsetting using certified schemes. Verify assets’ net zero status against UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Framework and UN Carbon Neutral being reviewed by respective third-party bodies.

5. Advocate

Apply core net zero principles through business activities, including advocating the most sustainable solutions for each project and encouraging clients to target net zero in all activities.