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600,000 inhabitants
Humid continental climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

City of Helsinki has set a target to be carbon neutral by 2035. The target includes goals for emission reduction of 60% by 2030, and 80% by 2035 with the remaining 20% of emissions offset
The Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan sets out 147 specific measures across 8 sectors to be implemented to achieve 2035 target
Helsinki Climate Watch is a digital real-time platform that tracks progress of the Helsinki Climate Action Plan
An energy renaissance programme will be prepared to develop guidelines and provide technical support to improve the energy performance of the existing private building stock and increase uptake of renewable energy
Helen, a City-owned energy company producing district heat in Helsinki, has committed to being carbon neutral by 2035 and is exploring options for substitution of fossil fuel energy sources with renewables
Helsinki has also set reduction targets of 30% for consumption of district heating and 20% for total heat consumption
Launch global one million euro Helsinki Energy Challenge to identify solutions to achieve full decarbonisation for district heating production in Helsinki
Developing enhanced building performance requirements for obtaining a permit to build

Municipal Buildings

City of Helsinki energy efficiency targets for municipal buildings requires E-factor for new non-residential premises to be 20% lower than national code
Renovations of existing non-residential buildings must achieve an E factor that is 20% lower than existing performance
All new residential apartment buildings built by the City of Helsinki will achieve an EPC rating of A (75kWh/m2)
Renovations of existing residential buildings must achieve an E factor that is 25% lower than existing performance
Heavily investing in locally produced renewable energy for municipal buildings with targets to achieve 15% contribution from solar and geothermal within portfolio by 2035

Further information

The Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan
Helsinki Climate Watch