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11 assets
8,749 m2 total floor area
276 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Hoare Lea is an award-winning engineering consultancy with a creative team of engineers, designers and technical specialists. They are industry leaders, known for their influence on policy and for delivering NZC strategies and solutions. They influence at multiple levels across portfolios and throughout the asset life cycle: from corporate strategy to design and construction and from the operation of buildings to the way they support their local communities in the net-zero transition.


Member of UK Green Building Council

1004 employees

Joined in 2021

1. Commit

Commit to only occupying assets that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030. In addition, Hoare Lea will achieve maximum reductions of embodied carbon for any office refurbishments and offset the residual emissions from October 2023.

2. Disclose

Continue to measure and disclose energy consumption and whole life carbon emissions data, made publicly available via annual reports.

3. Act

Continue to measure and disclose energy consumption and upfront carbon emissions data from refurbishments, made publicly available via annual reports.

4. Verify

Ensure that scope 1 and 2 buildings’ emissions reporting continues to be audited and verified annually by a third party. Commit to seeking third-party verification of the upfront embodied carbon emissions associated with the refurbishment of our offices.

5. Advocate

Continue to embed net zero carbon strategies on our projects, contribute to research and publications on net zero carbon, and increase knowledge sharing with clients and other stakeholders. Hoare Lea is the chair of the UK Building Services Engineers Climate Emergency Declaration initiative. Hoare Lea has developed an intuitive tool to track project data using eight key metrics at each RIBA work stage, aiding our understanding of net zero goals and enabling effective communication of our planet-conscious design efforts and created an early-stage Whole Life Carbon calculator for project use.

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