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ICD Brookfield Place is committed to raising the bar in sustainability as they believe in the power of real estate to positively shape the world we share. As a place for people, respect for the environment is embedded into all aspects of their operations from conserving energy, to managing resources, to reducing waste. They are committed to creating innovative spaces of lasting value where people can thrive today and in the future.


Member of Emirates Green Building Council

30 employees

Joined in 2022, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to achieving net zero operational carbon by 2030, and where applicable from 2030, to maximising embodied carbon reductions for landlord-controlled boundaries major renovations, compensating for any residual upfront embodied carbon.

2. Disclose

Disclose both the previous and upcoming years’ operational carbon emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (scopes 1, 2 & 3), and in line with the Commitment requirements. Monitor and disclose whole life embodied carbon emissions where applicable.

3. Act

ICD Brookfield Place will undertake an energy and waste reduction program for both landlord and tenant controlled areas. The program will prioritise operational carbon reduction followed by offsetting as a last resort for residual emissions. In addition, to enhance the emission reduction implementation, ICD Brookfield Place will work closely with tenants to provide thought leadership, raise awareness, and provide education opportunities on emission reduction activities. On maximising the reduction of embodied carbon for landlord-controlled boundaries major renovations, ICD Brookfield Place will implement emissions reduction strategies identified via LCAs, and compensate for all residual upfront embodied carbon emissions at point of practical completion.

4. Verify

Verify carbon emissions boundaries, quantification, calculations, target setting in compliance with the GHG Protocol. All carbon data related to the reduction targets will be verified in accordance with science-based approaches and/or third-party climate change advisory services.

5. Advocate

ICD Brookfield Place will advocate for industry-wide transformation to net zero carbon, demonstrating leadership through best practice and collaboration with tenants, including bringing tenants onboard to the road to net zero, specific engagement plans about carbon quantifications and reduction measures to help reduce tenants’ energy usage and waste generation. ICD Brookfield Place will also implement the re-formulated sustainable procurement policy that covers the entire supply chain.