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4.9m inhabitants
Subtropical highland climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Committed to the establishment of sustainable, eco-efficient infrastructure solutions to create a landscape that is liveable, resilient, sustainable and supports low carbon initiatives as part of Growth and Development Strategy 2040
Energy Efficiency Design Guidelines developed in 2008 to minimise energy demand in new buildings
Energy Efficiency Retrofit Guidelines, developed in 2017, advises building owners on effective ways to increase energy efficiency of existing buildings
Participating in the C40 South Africa Buildings Programme to enhance current policy work towards ensuring the development of net zero carbon new buildings
New Green Building or Energy Efficiency by-law for all new and existing buildings to mandate higher energy performance requirements
Financial and non-financial incentives to be explored to support net zero carbon buildings

Municipal Buildings

Carry out retrofits to meet net zero carbon target of 2030 as part of the Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (EEDSM) programme
Selected to pilot the Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Programme (EEBIP) with the Department of Energy (DoE)
Target of 40MW for alternative energy generation for 2018-2019
Determine local PV and off-grid solutions for municipal buildings by 2025 in line with the Energy Plan
Benchmark existing energy demand and emissions from municipal building stock through GHG Inventory by end of 2018
Model potential costs and savings impact of 100% penetration of the best-known efficiency interventions, prioritise energy efficiency and renewable energy intervention, and set targets for all buildings
Conduct education and awareness training to empower facilities managers, and empower young graduates to perform energy audits for municipal buildings

Further information

Growth and Development Strategy 2040
C40 South Africa Buildings Programme
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