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Committed to equitable, sustainable development, Maffeis Engineering embraces a ‘whole life’ approach. Their projects deliver creative, value-led structures with sustainable building skins, considering embodied and operational impacts. As Designers, Engineers, and Consultants, they specialise in high-performance, sustainable building envelope designs—advocating a holistic transition to a zero-carbon world.


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1. Commit

Maffeis Engineering is committed to reducing and compensating all operational carbon emissions of the assets under its direct control and reducing and compensating embodied carbon emissions by 2030 for any new developments and/or major renovation under its direct control.

2. Disclose

Maffeis Engineering will annually disclose its portfolio’s operational energy demand and carbon emissions and assess whole-life carbon emissions for any new developments according to EN15978.

3. Act

Maffeis Engineering is already decarbonising its portfolio, with its HQ being recently retrofitted to be run almost exclusively by on-site renewable solar power, with a highly energy-efficient building envelope to minimise energy consumption and improve internal comfort. Maffeis Engineering will continue to make improvements as appropriate through energy efficiency measures and compensating for any residual emissions.

4. Verify

Maffeis Engineering will verify operational carbon reduction through ongoing energy monitoring, emissions tracking, and portfolio assessments. For embodied carbon, meticulous life cycle assessments, preventive measures, offset validations, and progress evaluations towards a net-zero portfolio will be conducted. Annual third-party assessments of this data will be carried out.

5. Advocate

Maffeis Engineering will catalyse emissions reductions within supply chains, partners and clients, advocating for broader action. They will commit to driving further reductions through their business activities, undertaking whole lifecycle carbon assessments for all its buildings projects, emphasizing both decarbonization and effective adaptation to climate change for a more sustainable future.