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2m inhabitants
Humid continental climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Ville de Montréal has participated in a public consultation for the Québec government as part of the development of the first Energy Transition, Innovation and Efficiency Master Plan
Participating in C40 Reinventing Cities Program
Existing targets for 30% reduction in GHG emissions citywide by 2020 over 1990 baseline; achieved 23% reduction at end of 2014
Ville de Montréal has held two public consultations on designing buildings within a perspective of sustainable development, and to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
Further targets for reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and boosting the use of renewable energy will be developed during 2019-2020 as part of planning for 2020-2050 (new and existing buildings)
Strategies could include targeting GHG emissions from stationary energy, GHG reduction objectives in housing subsidy programs, accelerating the adoption of supply requirements for renewable natural gas, and enacting bylaws to regulate fossil fuel use

Municipal Buildings

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction targets for municipal buildings are addressed in the Sustainable Development Policy (2009) and the 2013-2020 Montréal Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan
In 2015, an inventory was made of municipal activities, including the energy consumption and attributed GHG emissions
Ville de Montréal Climate Planning Committee is proposing new targets and action to reduce local government GHG emissions; achieved a reduction of 26% in 2015 against 2002 baseline
2018-2021 GHG Reduction and Energy Consumption Plan is currently being prepared to establish a roadmap to reach net zero carbon municipal buildings

Further information

Ville de Montréal Corporate Sustainable Development Plan
Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020