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20 assets
47,400 m2 total floor area

Multiplex is an established global construction company and has been building iconic projects around the world for over 55 years. Their teams work closely with their partners and clients to create net positive impacts for people, communities and the environment with each project they undertake.


Member of 5 Green Building Councils

6,800 employees

Joined in 2019

1. Commit

Commit to only owning and occupying assets that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030.

2. Disclose

Measure and publicly disclose energy consumption, Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions for owned and occupied assets using the ‘Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard’. Identify performance gaps and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions while improving energy productivity, and publicly disclose this data through Annual Reports.

3. Act

Develop, maintain and update an implementation plan demonstrating a decarbonisation road-map for owned and occupied assets. Develop and implement a carbon emissions reduction strategy that includes energy demand reduction targets, building measures to decarbonise grids, and renewable energy procurement.

4. Verify

Publicly report progress annually against targets using a locally relevant third-party certification scheme for owned and occupied assets.

5. Advocate

Demonstrate leadership through core business activities, to facilitate the wider uptake of net zero carbon buildings, with clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other key stakeholders.

Commitment Partner Initiatives

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