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18,060 inhabitants
Cold temperate climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

City of Newburyport committed to a net zero energy community by 2050, in the 2017 Master Plan
The city will require all new buildings to operate at net zero by 2030 by code; meet LEED Platinum standards from 2020
Became a Green Community in 2010 and adopted the Massachusetts stretch energy code, incrementally increasing energy efficiency targets for new construction
Codes and zones to be evaluated to incorporate strategies such as: requiring energy modeling and Energy Star targets from initial planning stages of projects, meeting LEED integrated design criteria, establishing solar readiness and requiring cost/benefit analysis of electrification and other technology options
Incentives for projects that meet net zero ahead of the stated target, and disseminate learning such as Hillside Sustainable Community
Offering education and training for contractors and inspectors
The City will develop building codes in conjunction with historic preservation groups to create phased in approach to net zero for our historic building stock
Building codes to be re-evaluated to create a phased approach to net zero for industrial, commercial and other existing properties, incorporating renewal/renovation and efficiency opportunities, as well as off-site renewables
Net Zero Energy Plan under development, to be agreed by June 2019, will list intended measures to achieve the above targets
Proposed incentive programs for renewable fuel use and energy efficiency improvements, to help reduce energy demand and promote the deployment of renewables and resilient energy solutions at the building and community scale
Continue community outreach for programs such as MassSave efficiency programs, HeatSmart, Solarize, etc.

Municipal Buildings

Existing municipal structures will complete an updated energy audit by 2025 with site specific energy plans for energy savings and conversion to electricity or renewables for heating and cooling
New municipal buildings to be LEED certified where feasible
Newburyport has reported annually on municipal energy use and efficiency projects since 2010
A municipal buildings GHG inventory is under development, following ICLEI protocols

Further information

City of Newburyport Master Plan 2017
City of Newburyport Clean Energy Roadmap