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2,500 m2 total floor area
tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Nightingale Housing delivers environmentally, socially and financially sustainable housing at cost. The architecture, engineering and financial model serve as a catalyst to unite groups of people with aligned values and to establish long lasting communities. Nightingale Housing builds homes for people, not profit.


Member of Australia Green Building Council

7 employees

1. Commit

Commit to develop only buildings that operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and are 100% fossil fuel free.

2. Disclose

Transparency and involvement upfront with investors and purchasers about governance, decision making and project costs include how the project can minimise energy consumption and become carbon neutral.

3. Act

Achieve 7.5 stars NatHERS thermal rating. Achieve carbon neutrality through 100% fossil fuel free embedded energy network with no gas supply, on-site solar and procurement of certified Green Power. Nightingale 1 is completely carbon neutral in operation.

4. Verify

Develop plan to verify carbon neutrality through third party certification or third party assurance for all developments.

5. Advocate

Contribute to the local urban community through the creation of connected communities. First of its kind participation from future home owners across all stages of the project.

Commitment Partner Initiatives

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