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2.3m inhabitants
Warm temperate climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

From 2018, all new construction in Paris will have a regulatory energy consumption target of 50 kWh/m2/yr, the Energy 3 and Carbon 1 requirement levels of the Bâtiment à Énergie Positive & Réduction Carbone (Positive Energy and Carbon Reduction) standard, aiming for energy neutrality
The New Climate Plan of Paris also targets the renovation of 100% of existing buildings to a very low energy consumption level by 2050, including a 35% reduction across the entire social housing stock by 2030
Planning laws to strengthen the integration of renewable energies and energy performance, and adaptation to climate change
Develop a 100% renewable and recovered energy distribution system by 2050 to promote the 'right to clean energy for all'; intermediate target of 45% by 2030
Supporting programmes and incentives include Green Bonds, Energy Saving Certificates and Eco-Renovate Paris
Encourage conversion of all oil-fuelled boilers and central heating systems to lower emission and less polluting modes of heating by 2030

Municipal Buildings

All municipal buildings to be net zero carbon in operation by 2030 via a mixture of energy efficiency, renewable energy and the potential introduction of a local carbon offsetting scheme by 2020
Since 2015, the power consumption of municipal services has been fuelled by electricity from renewable sources via 'green certificates'
40% reduction target in energy consumption across entire municipal building stock by 2030 through large-scale renovation
From 2020, new construction projects for municipal buildings to be energy passive or energy positive (for buildings greater than 5,000m2)
Exploring ways to decarbonise energy for heating and hot water, moving from gas to renewable energy sources and to district heating
Develop blueprint in 2020 for energy performance of public buildings in order to optimise asset management
Deployment of 36 energy ambassadors by 2020 to act on public building stock

Further information

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