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Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Climate Smart San José (CSSJ) includes metrics and milestones to ensure that all new residential (by 2020) and commercial (by 2030) buildings are net zero carbon
All new commercial buildings built from 2030 will be zero net energy (ZNE) and existing commercial will be retrofitted to reduce their energy consumption and eliminate their use of natural gas
CCSJ includes metrics and milestones for 2030, 2040, and 2050 to increase renewables in the power mix, increase the installation of onsite solar, increase the percentage of homes that are all-electric, and reduce household energy usage, to have all buildings operating at net zero carbon by 2050
Developing a reach code to continue progress on fuel switching
Non-financial and financial support mechanisms to incentivise uptake
Through City Energy Project (CEP) grant and forthcoming Bay Area Air Quality Management District grant, developing net zero carbon demonstration projects, training resources and incentives
Developing an Energy Benchmarking and Transparency (B&T) ordinance that will require benchmarking of energy usage in buildings

Municipal Buildings

All CSSJ measures related to commercial buildings would apply to municipal buildings, including metrics and milestones for San José to ensure that all new buildings are net zero carbon by 2030
B&T ordinance will provide City staff needed data on current municipal building energy usage and will be used to develop a comprehensive strategy that includes: thermal envelope retrofits, smart thermostats, retrocommissioning, lighting, office equipment replacement plus solar feasibility
Require a 15% improvement in energy efficiency every 5 years in municipal buildings
Through San José Clean Energy, the country’s largest Community Choice Aggregator, municipal buildings will receive power from 100% carbon-free energy
Further analysis and a strategy to fully electrify, including switching to electric heat pump water heaters, and for space heating switching to geothermal heat pumps
Municipal Green Building Policy includes building to a minimum of LEED Silver and commissioning requirements for new construction

Further information

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