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2.2m inhabitants
Tropical rainforest climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Developed normative guidelines, programs and projects in terms of environmental sustainability in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The main framework is the Land Use Plan, adopted in 2014 that establishes different regulations focused on making Cali a low–carbon city
The District Development Plan 2020-2023 “Cali, our common home” sets out the city’s environmental agenda, with plans to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. The plan outlines a strategic 2030 vision, including 10 impact areas broken down into 48 actions, 15 of which are already being implemented. One key action is to “design and implement a sustainable building program”
Developed the Sustainable Building Manual that presents a group of strategies to promote good building practices and the rational use of natural resources for Santiago de Cali. It also seeks to generate elements of local regulation and provide tools for compliance at the local level. The manual will apply to new buildings but in the near future it will apply also to existing buildings
Developed the Label Cali Construye Sostenible SCCS, which is an instrument for classifying the projects according to a point system
Developing a local implementation plan of the National Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings, in order to establish a pathway to net zero carbon buildings that accounts for whole life cycle emissions
Proposed tax and policy incentives in order to promote the implementation of sustainable building standards in urban planning and architectural projects
Enforced law to all the energy operators giving smart meters to all regulated users
Enforce the national regulation that establishes mandatory reductions in energy and water use; will exercise regulation to implement audits and energy efficiency measures in existing buildings in the medium term

Further information

Development Plan 2020-2023 "Cali, our common home"
Colombian National Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings