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33 assets
536,069 m2 total floor area
26,097 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Scape Australia Management Pty Ltd (“Scape”), is a Real Estate Investment and Operations Manager, based in Australia. Scape is a vertically integrated platform, covering investment management, development, leasing, property management and customer experience. Scape is committed to building and operating sustainable residential real estate that respects environmental limits and maintains our social license to operate. Scape’s vision is to be the Earth’s Best Living Company and to achieve this ambitious goal, they aim to be a leader in sustainable building operation and create new developments that are fit for the future their residents will reside in. 


Member of Australia Green Building Council

700 employees

Joined in 2023

1. Commit

Scape commits all assets under direct control to reduce and compensate for all operational carbon emissions by 2030. They also commit to achieving maximum reductions of embodied carbon in new developments and major renovations, and compensate for any remaining residual upfront embodied emissions, by 2030.

2. Disclose

Scape will participate in GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) annually, publicly disclosing energy consumption and whole life carbon emissions as applicable, in an annual sustainability report aligned with global standards i.e. GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures), UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and the UN Global Compact.

3. Act

Scape will achieve Net Zero Carbon for operational Scope 1,2 (EN15978 B1/B6) & material scope 3 emissions (B7 – water & waste) by switching to 100% renewable electricity contracts by 2025; and target a 20% improvement in building energy efficiency by 2030 (versus 2022 baseline). All new construction initiated from 2023, will be designed to be zero net carbon in operation (scope 1 & 2), all electric, low GWP refrigerants and highly efficient, demonstrably exceeding minimum energy efficiency requirements in the National Construction Code. From 2024, Scape will target a >20% reduction in embodied ‘upfront’ carbon emissions (EN15978 stages A1-A3) versus a reference building for new construction projects, and by 2030 Scape aspire to achieve >40% reduction in embodied ‘upfront’ carbon emissions. By 2030 Scape will offset upfront embodied carbon in materials (A1-A3), and materials transport to site & construction emissions (A4-A5), and other significant emissions sources (over 1%).


4. Verify

Scape will monitor, measure and record energy consumption and whole life carbon GHG emissions data. Scape will obtain independent third party verification / assurance of portfolio emissions data annually, and pursue Climate Active certification where appropriate.

5. Advocate

Scape will take additional action on scope 3 emissions including water & waste (B7). Scape will advocate for a rapid transition to net zero carbon, through active participation in industry bodies including the PCA, GBCA, NABERS, APA and sharing lessons learned by speaking at conferences. Through our new construction projects Scape aim to demonstrate leadership in low carbon building design, and be an exemplar for decarbonisation in the residential sector. Scape currently has over 16,000 residents, with whom we engage and educate about our ESG goals.