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Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Climate Change Plan sets long term ambition for buildings to be transformed to ‘near zero carbon’ where feasible
Climate Change Plan, Energy Strategy and Climate Change Bill to deliver low-carbon transition which promotes social inclusion and sustainable growth
Energy Efficient Scotland Route Map and Transition Programme is a 20 year programme currently under consultation which contains a set of actions aimed at making existing buildings near zero carbon, socially and economically sustainable
Generate 100% of electricity from renewables by 2020
Supply 50% of the energy for heat, transport and electricity consumption from renewables by 2030
Emissions data for buildings and the associated fuel combustion from heating is monitored and reported through the Scottish Government’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory and published annually in the Scottish Greenhouse Gas Statistics publication
By 2021, achieve funding goal of £1 billion provided to tackling fuel poverty and energy efficiency
Continue incentives and programmes including loans for renewable energy technologies and the Home Energy Efficiency Programme
Framework for improving domestic standards for owner - occupied properties and privately or socially rented properties to achieve a Energy Performance Certificate rating of C or above by 2040
A benchmarking system for energy efficiency standards in particular types of domestic and non-domestic buildings will be implemented
Feasibility study of “net zero carbon buildings” target for new buildings
Support deployment of alternative heat technologies for those buildings not connected to the gas grid or heat networks, and continually conduct series of policy reviews relating to the gas and electricity network

Further information

Energy Efficient Scotland - details the vision to make Scotland’s buildings warmer, greener and more efficient over the period to 2040 and, wherever feasible, near zero carbon by 2050
Climate Change Plan - provides the strategic framework for the transition to a low carbon Scotland