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52 assets
6,378 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Sidara is a global collaborative of leading specialist firms that designs for people and the planet. Their visionaries, thinkers, and innovators from over 300 offices across 60 countries offer clients a broad range of highly specialized services—from architecture and design, engineering, and project management to digital strategy, sustainability consulting, and energy innovation—all under one umbrella. ​


Member of Egypt, Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, UK and US Green Building Councils

18,600 employees

Joined in 2021, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to operating all new and existing buildings within organisations’ direct control at net zero carbon, achieving maximum reductions of embodied carbon and compensating any residual emissions in new developments and major renovations, by 2030. Support all Group companies to achieve the same.

2. Disclose

Annually measure, assess, and disclose Group portfolio energy consumption and carbon emissions, to include scope 1 and 2. For any newly built asset or major renovation, Sidara will complete whole life cycle analysis for embodied carbon reduction.

3. Act

Implement a decarbonisation roadmap that outlines a reduction first approach, improving energy efficiency and securing renewable energy. Maximise the reduction of embodied carbon for any new developments or major renovations, compensating for all residual upfront embodied carbon emissions.

Support Group companies in implementing energy conservation measures; procuring renewable energy and offsets; and procuring low-carbon materials for new assets or major refurbishments under direct operational and financial control.

4. Verify

Undertake independent third-party verification of energy performance and associated carbon emissions for assets and portfolio under  direct financial and operational control. For the whole life cycle carbon, verify embodied carbon reduction to market baseline requirements upon building a new asset for own use or undertaking any major refurbishment to existing assets under direct control.

5. Advocate

Advocate in client engagements by promoting a low embodied carbon approach and net zero carbon pathways; internally through the efforts of Sidara’s Sustainability Council; and with industry partners by advancing thought leadership on sustainable infrastructure.