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952,058 inhabitants
Warm summer continental climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Strategy for a Fossil Fuel Free Stockholm by 2040 includes energy production for heating/cooling and electricity for buildings
Energy standard for new buildings is 55kWh/m2 on city-owned land (70% of all land within the the municipal border)
Strategies for decarbonized heating / cooling and electricity production, including phasing out of oil heating systems by 2050
City’s Energy Advice Service supports private building owners
Retrofitting demonstration projects to promote energy efficient retrofitting and climate smart solutions
City has developed a solar radiation map that covers all roofs in the city to facilitate PV installations for building owners

Municipal Buildings

City Council has adopted a target to become a fossil fuel free city organisation by 2030 – 10,000,000m2 of floor space
100% eco labelled electricity procured
Phasing out of fossil fuel heating to be completed by 2030

Further information

Strategy for a Fossil Fuel Free Stockholm by 2040