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3 assets
317 m2 total floor area
17.5 tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Tandem is a leading independent property asset management partnership for clients seeking consistently exemplary service. They pledge to always deliver business focused solutions with integrity, honesty, experience and complete professionalism.


Member of UK Green Building Council

46 employees

Joined in 2021, Signatory of WLC Commitment

1. Commit

Commit to only occupying assets that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030. Commit to addressing embodied carbon for new and renovated assets under direct control through maximising emissions reduction and offsetting any residual upfront embodied carbon by 2030, as appropriate.

2. Disclose

Measure and publicly disclose annual energy consumption and carbon emissions, including whole life carbon data if appropriate, within annual reporting.

3. Act

Implement a decarbonisation plan to reduce carbon emissions and increase renewably sourced energy of occupied assets. Maximise embodied carbon reductions of any major asset renovations through undertaking of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), utilisation of low carbon materials, construction processes and compensation of any remaining residual upfront emissions, if appropriate.

4. Verify

Verify energy consumption and carbon emissions data annually via Planet Mark certification.

5. Advocate

Advocate for industry transformation by only working with suppliers who uphold high ESG standards and educating clients from the properties they manage on the importance of net zero carbon. Form carbon reduction working groups with occupiers in the buildings they manage and encourage them to work together on the net zero journey, including joining the Commitment. Sign up to the Planet Mark Certification to join a like minded community of businesses to advocate more effectively.

Other Industry Climate Initiatives

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