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2.9m inhabitants
Semi-arid climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Green Economy Strategic Framework (2014) guides the transition to higher buildings efficiency and a sustainable built environment
Green Building/Building Efficiency Programme is being implemented to enhance current policy work towards ensuring net zero new buildings development
Currently reviewing Green Building Bylaw for new buildings to mandate higher energy performance requirements for green building developments
The Green Buildings Programme will be consolidated towards developing the first ever City Strategy on Resource Efficiency and Resiliency, with annual energy efficient targets linked to the strategy to reach net zero carbon buildings by 2030
All buildings over 2000m2 will be required to display energy efficiency certificates
Proposed incentives for the new Bylaw will include both non-financial and financial support mechanisms

Municipal Buildings

The C40 South Africa Buildings Programme as well as the collaboration with the Building Efficiency Accelerator will be used as levers to continue to enhance the work of the city towards owning, occupying and developing only assets that are net zero carbon in operation by 2030
Embedded Generation Policy encourages small scale embedded renewables across the city, both from public and private sector, new and existing buildings
Introducing PV installations in city owned buildings
Benchmarking energy, waste management, and water consumption in municipal buildings
Working with the Council for Scientific and Industrial and Research (CSIR) to construct an energy and water usage baseline study in about 50 city buildings
Study to inform the development of baselines and plans to develop and implement energy consumption and emissions monitoring for all municipal buildings

Further information

Green Economy Strategic Framework
Green Building Bylaw
C40 South Africa Buildings Programme