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61 assets
3.1m m2 total floor area
tCO2e annual portfolio carbon emissions

Tritax Big Box’s purpose is to deliver sustainable logistics solutions that create compelling opportunities for stakeholders and provide customers with the space to succeed. Tritax aims to generate social value, as well as deliver attractive and resilient financial returns, by investing in high-quality, sustainable buildings in prime locations.


Member of UK Green Building Council

Joined in 2020

1. Commit

Commit to continuing to only own and occupy assets that are net zero carbon in operation and only developing new assets that are net zero carbon construction from 2020 – in line with UKGBC’s definition.

2. Disclose

Measure and disclose scope 1, 2 and material scope 3 emissions publicly via annual report, accounts and for each development at the point of completion.

3. Act

Develop and implement a decarbonisation roadmap to achieve net zero. This will include targeting an EPC A-C grade for existing assets, energy efficiency measures and retrofit financing offered to occupiers for onsite renewable generation. Renewable energy is sourced for all direct supplies and energy efficiency is embedded in direct operations. Conduct carbon LCAs for new developments to help report on and tackle emissions hotspots.

4. Verify

Verify emissions data via a third-party against a 2019 baseline of all emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3), using the GHG protocol methodology and LCA carbon analysis.

5. Advocate

Advocate for greater industry action and uptake of net zero through offering retrofit finance for renewable installation to occupiers and embed green clauses in leases. Collaborate with and engage tenants through activities such as energy efficiency analysis, measure and report on tenant scope 1 and 2 emissions in order to help support the transition to net zero carbon operations for occupiers. Share data and insights to achieving net zero operational emissions.

Commitment Partner Initiatives

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