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325,000 inhabitants
Warm-summer mediterranean climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Developing a Sustainable Energy Plan since 2011. Current target to achieve 20% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2020
Pilot city for EU projects (including Remourban Project, Cityfield and R2Cities) that target energy consumption reduction in households
Develop a new General Urban Plan and new Atmosphere Protection Ordinance in 2020 that favours district heating and renewable energies in new buildings, as well as the energy efficient rehabilitation of existing households
Develop a roadmap in 2020 that progressively achieves energy rehabilitation rates in the order of 3,000 homes per year between 2020 – 2050
Lead the development of a Carbon Neutrality Protocol for cities in Metropolitan Area
Signatory of Covenant of Mayors Initiative since 2010
Fiscal/financial incentives provided for installation of solar energy in buildings and for replacement of inefficient heating systems

Municipal Buildings

Implementing energy efficiency projects across municipal facilities and installing PV onto city-owned buildings
100% eco-labelled electricity procured for municipal buildings
Monitoring performance of all municipal buildings and subsequently developing efficiency and decarbonisation measures such as thermal envelope retrofits and smart thermostats
Create a condition for the lease of buildings that Valladolid City Council will occupy to be net zero carbon in 2030
Annual upgrade of lighting and heating systems to 10% of municipal building stock each year
Draft a project pipeline in 2020 to increase the area of PV installations on municipal buildings to 100% by 2030
Benchmarking energy, waste management, and water consumption in municipal buildings
Offering non-financial incentives for municipal workers to achieve best results in building performance

Further information

Plan de Acción para la Energía Sostenible
Convenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy Signatory
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