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Temperate maritime climate

Existing / Planned Regulations & Roadmaps

Renewable City Action Plan establishes the high-level roadmap for all buildings to achieve zero emissions
Zero Emissions Building Plan (2016) specifies new buildings must achieve zero emissions by 2030
Green Buildings Policy for Rezonings to be updated with zero emissions requirements in 2021 and 2025
Building code has GHG limits per unit area to be updated in five-year increments so that it will require zero emissions from all new construction by 2030
Incentives in place to support voluntary adoption of near zero emissions standards for new private developments
Existing Building Retrofit Strategy to be updated prior to 2020 to include policies and actions that will achieve 100% renewable energy for all buildings by 2050
Zero Emissions Building Policy provides an extra 5% buildable area for voluntary adoption of Passive House or ILFI Zero Carbon standard

Municipal Buildings

The City of Vancouver is carbon neutral in operations for all buildings owned and occupied since 2012
Renewable Energy Strategy for City Owned Buildings (2016) requires all city-owned buildings to be zero emissions in their operations before 2040, eliminating carbon offsets
New city-owned developments must be built to Passive House or alternative near zero emissions standard from 2018; as part of capital renewal and maintenance planning, existing buildings are identified and scheduled for zero emission retrofits
$16m in energy retrofit and optimisation projects completed in the last 10 years, resulting in GHG reductions of 5,600 tonnes CO2e/yr
City conducts annual energy and GHG emission benchmarking using EnergyStar Portfolio Manager, tracked quarterly
Neighbourhood renewable energy systems to reduce municipal building inventory GHG emissions by 37%
Conversion from natural gas to electricity for space heating and replacing natural gas with renewable natural gas

Further information

Renewable City Action Plan
Zero Emissions Building Plan
Renewable Energy Strategy for City Owned Buildings