Build Upon

BUILD UPON is the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation – bringing together over 1,000 organisations, across 13 countries, at over 80 events in 2016-17.

It aims to create a renovation revolution across Europe by helping countries to deliver strategies for renovating their existing buildings.

Why is it needed?

Emissions from Europe’s existing buildings represent one of the biggest climate challenges the region faces. That’s why it’s critical that strong national building renovation strategies are developed and implemented in European countries.

This led to the EU calling on each of its member states to establish long-term strategies (by 30 April 2017) to renovate their nation’s homes and commercial buildings to high standards of energy efficiency.

These strategies will help cut Europe’s energy use, reducing the impacts of climate change, and creating buildings that deliver a high quality of life for everyone.

BUILD UPON’s name communicates the philosophy of the project: as a community we are already doing so much to help renovate our nations’ buildings – now it is critical to build upon this strong foundation by aligning our resources and initiatives – to create greater collective impact.

The project is building a collaborative community of businesses, governments, NGOs and building users.

BUILD UPON is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.