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Asia Pacific Leadership Awards category qualification criteria

The awards have three categories that celebrate business leaders leading by example, iconic buildings that showcase the best in green design, and inspiring female leadership across the region. 

The Business Leadership in Sustainability Award is a prestigious recognition within the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards, aimed at honouring companies that have seamlessly integrated sustainability into their core business operations. This award celebrates entities that not only prioritise environmental, social, and economic sustainability but also demonstrate a significant impact on the transition towards a sustainable built environment.

Core qualifications:

To be eligible for this award, nominated companies must exhibit the following qualifications:

  1. Sustainability embedded in corporate DNA: Nominees should demonstrate that sustainability is an integral part of their business model, influencing decision-making and operations at all levels.
  2. Alignment with WorldGBC’s impact areas: Companies must showcase their initiatives and strategies that align with WorldGBC’s impact areas.
  3. Positive impact: There should be a clear demonstration of positive impacts on people, economies, and the planet, reinforcing the business case for sustainability within the built environment.

Submission guidelines:

Candidates must submit a comprehensive nomination package, including a nominee’s statement and detailed responses to specific criteria outlined by the award. These criteria focus on the organisation’s leadership in green building practices, their corporate sustainability strategy and policies, the implementation and impact of these strategies, and their efforts in knowledge sharing and collaborations.

Evaluation criteria:

Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Policies: Nominees must articulate their sustainability strategy, including short/long-term goals, programs, indicators, and policies (both internal and external) to ensure sustainability is embedded within the organisation. Relevant third-party verifications and certifications should be summarised.

Implementation and impact: 

The submission should detail measurable strategies aligning with the Beyond the Business Case report, including how the company tracks the impact of its strategy and policies. It should also describe how management and staff are aligned and engaged with these strategies.

Knowledge sharing and collaborations: 

Companies are expected to demonstrate how they showcase best practices, promote sustainability in the sector, engage in partnerships and collaborations, and commit to the continuing professional education of their workforce.

This award is a testament to the nominee’s dedication to leading the green building movement towards a more sustainable future. Companies that meet these qualifications are encouraged to approach their local Green Building Council to learn more about the nomination process and contribute to the sustainable transformation of the built environment.

The Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award is designed to honour groundbreaking green building projects that exemplify leadership in sustainable design, performance, and a commitment to the World Green Building Council’s (WorldGBC) three core impact areas: Climate Action, Health & Wellbeing, and Resources & Circularity. This award showcases projects that not only meet but exceed local best practices in the sustainable building sector.

Core qualifications:

Eligible projects must demonstrate the following key qualifications:

  1. Sustainable design and performance: Projects must be at the forefront of sustainable design and performance, setting benchmarks for the industry and demonstrating innovative approaches to green building.
  2. Operational for at least 12 Months: To ensure the project’s performance can be accurately assessed, it must have been operational for at least 12 months prior to nomination.
  3. Third-Party Certification: Projects must be verified by an independent third-party green building certification scheme, ensuring compliance with recognised sustainability standards.

Aligning with WorldGBC impact areas:

  1. Climate Action Advancing Net Zero: Projects should align with WorldGBC’s Whole Life Carbon Vision, being highly energy-efficient, minimising embodied carbon, and achieving net zero carbon emissions across their lifecycle.
  2. Health & Wellbeing: The project should adhere to WorldGBC’s Health & Wellbeing Framework, demonstrating strategies that protect and improve occupant health, prioritise comfort, and facilitate positive social and environmental behaviour.
  3. Resources & Circularity: Projects must exhibit circularity principles such as using non-toxic, sustainably sourced, or renewable materials, maximising space efficiency, and promoting the longevity, resilience, and recyclability of building materials.

Sub categories:

The award recognises excellence in three distinct sub-categories, each representing a vital segment of the green building sector:

  • Residential Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Institutional Building


Evaluation criteria:

Nominations will be evaluated based on their innovative features, lessons learned through the design and delivery process, and the project’s contribution to advancing net zero, health and wellbeing, and resources and circularity in the built environment.

The Women in Green Building Leadership Award is a prestigious accolade within the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards. This award specifically celebrates outstanding female leaders who have made significant contributions to the green building industry. It aims to recognise women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to sustainability, influencing the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Core qualifications:

Nominees for this award must embody the following core qualifications:

  1. Leadership in Sustainability: Demonstrated exceptional leadership and made a significant impact on sustainability within the green building sector. This includes contributions to projects, organisations, or initiatives that advance sustainability in the built environment.
  2. Innovation and influence: Shown innovation in their approach to sustainability, including the development or application of new ideas, practices, technologies, or solutions that have positively influenced the green building industry.
  3. Advocacy for green building: Actively advocated for sustainable building practices, working to increase awareness and adoption of green building principles within the industry and beyond.
  4. Contribution to the green building community: Made significant contributions to the green building community, including mentoring, knowledge sharing, and supporting the professional development of others in the field.

Evaluation criteria:

The award evaluation will be based on the nominee’s:

  1. Demonstrated leadership and impact in sustainability within the built environment.
  2. Innovation in sustainable practices or solutions.
  3. Advocacy and commitment to advancing green building practices.
  4. Contributions to the green building community, including mentoring and professional development support.

This year marks the final presentation of the Women in Green Building Leadership Award. From the next cycle onwards, the Asia Pacific Leadership Awards will evolve to recognise leaders across the industry, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and the broad spectrum of excellence within the field of sustainable development.