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The Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards (AP Leadership Awards) has been showcasing pioneering people, organisations and projects behind the sustainable building movement across Asia since 2014. 

The awards are led by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), our Asia Pacific Network of Green Building Councils (GBCs), and partners across the region.  

The AP Leadership Awards offer an unparalleled opportunity to showcase achievements, learn from peers, and contribute to the global movement for more sustainable, resilient and equitable building practices. We invite you to join us in this celebration of excellence and leadership in the Asia Pacific’s green building sector.

The awards has three categories that celebrate business leaders leading by example, iconic buildings that showcase the best in green design, and inspiring female leadership across the region.

To prepare for the Asia Pacific Leadership Awards, participants should focus on demonstrating their contributions to sustainability aligning with WorldGBC’s strategic impact areas and global programmes: climate action, health & wellbeing, resources & circularity, global advocacy and sustainable finance & ESG.

1.Business Leadership in Sustainability Award

Recognises companies that embed climate action into their corporate DNA and positively impact their community, society as a whole, and our planet. The purpose of this award is to celebrate businesses that have made sustainability part of their core business model and contribute to the transition to a sustainable built environment.

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2.Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award

Presented to pioneering green building projects that are dedicated to advancing design leadership in climate action and justice, as well as setting new benchmarks for the whole life carbon vision and human factors. There are three sub-categories:

  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects
  • Institutional Projects

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3.Women in Green Building Leadership Award

This award celebrates female trailblazers who make extraordinary contributions to sustainable development, fuel ambitious young women and catalyse change.

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  1. Submit your entry via your local Green Building Council: 25 April — 28 June 2024
  2. Finalists announced: Early September 2024
  3. Asia Pacific Awards Ceremony in Tianjin Eco-City, China: 6 November 2024

Nomination process and eligibility 

The Asia Pacific Leadership Awards are distinguished by a focused and strategic nomination process, exclusively facilitated through the Asia Pacific Network of Green Building Councils (GBCs). This approach ensures that each submission reflects the pinnacle of sustainability and leadership within the green building community.

Nominations should be submitted via your local Green Building Council. This process underscores the collaborative spirit of the Asia Pacific Leadership Awards, fostering a strong partnership between the regional network of GBCs and the broader green building community. 

How to nominate

  1. Find out who your local GBC is: Visit our global GBC Directory to find your local GBC. 
  2. Identify which category suits your nomination: The categories are:
    1. Business Leadership in Sustainability
    2. Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance for:
      1. Residential Projects
      2. Commercial Projects
      3. Institutional Projects
    3. Women in Green Building Leadership
  3. Ask your local GBC for an application form: Once you have decided which category you would like to submit a nomination for, ask your local GBC for an application form. They can help with your nomination to ensure you’re meeting all the relevant criteria. 
  4. Selection and evaluation: All submissions will undergo a rigorous selection and evaluation process. GBCs will first review their submissions and submit up to five nominations across all categories one per category. A panel of esteemed judges composed of industry experts will then assess each of these nominations against the high standards of sustainability and leadership set by the Asia Pacific Leadership Awards. This meticulous process guarantees that the awards represent the best in green building practices across the Asia Pacific region.


Nomination fee

A nomination fee is payable to the local GBC and is required as part of the submission process.


Fee for each category:

  • Business Leadership in Sustainability USD 300
  • Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance, which is further divided into three sub-categories:
    • Residential Projects USD 300
    • Commercial Projects USD 300
    •  Institutional Projects USD 300
  • Women in Green Building Leadership – USD 200

The fee is collected by the local GBC and paid to WorldGBC. Speak to your local GBCs for further information.

The finalists for the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards will be announced at the beginning of September 2024 ahead of the Award Ceremony in China on 6 November 2024.

Each finalist will be given the opportunity to present more about their innovative projects or leadership activities in the region before the awards ceremony. It is also a chance to engage with GBCs and market leaders and share more about the work being done. Roundtable discussions will also take place to deliberate the future development of green buildings in the Asia Pacific region. 

View our past Asia Pacific Leadership Awards winners here.

Our prestigious jury panel will be announced soon — please keep an eye out for this exciting announcement!

If you have any questions, please contact Joy Gai, Asia Head, WorldGBC, at

The Asia Pacific Leadership Awards are supported by our Asia Pacific Network Partners

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