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New guidance on building renovation in Europe

Some 97% of Europe’s existing building stock is inefficient. Given that the buildings sector is responsible for approximately 36% CO2 emissions and 40% of energy consumption in Europe, there is great potential for energy and emissions reductions. Policy to strengthen building performance is a huge factor in achieving climate targets.

Action is needed at all levels of government to build and execute strong policy. There are already several policies and initiatives in place to guide such policymaking at the European, national and local levels. Aligning the different initiatives to ensure that one contributes to the other is essential to efficiently reach targets and minimise duplication of resources.

A new report from the Build Upon2 project provides guidance on how to include building renovation in climate action plans.  The report, How to include building renovation in your Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Planis produced by the Build Upon2 project whose goal is to strengthen the effectiveness and implementation of long term renovation strategies.  In particular their objective of achieving a decarbonised building stock by 2050.

To find out more, visit Build Upon and download the report here.